Critical Psychology. An Introduction

Dennis Fox, Isaac Prilleltensky (a cura di)

Critical Psychology. An Introduction, Dennis Fox, Isaac Prilleltensky

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Sage, London

Critical Psychology is the first comprehensive and accessible introduction of its kind. Recent years have seen a widespread and important challenge, on an international scale, to the moral, political, and scientific status of psychology. Critical psychology has transformed or influenced debates, research, and practice across the discipline, and yet much of its writings have been highly technical and complex. In this major textbook, an international cast of contributors offer a broad-ranging and clearly written introduction that guides the reader through the diverse strands of critical psychology. The book is organized into four coherent sections. Part I provides an overview that explores the values, history, methods, ethics, and practice of psychology from a critical viewpoint; Part II places a wide set of sub-disciplines of psychology under critical scrutiny, ranging from intelligence research through developmental and social psychology to cross-cultural, lesbian, gay, and political psychology; Part III sets out major theoretical frameworks that have underpinned many critiques of the mainstream; and part IV concludes the book with reflections both on debates arising in preceding chapters and issues for the future of critical psychology. Critical Psychology will be an essential text for students and academics who see the discipline of psychology as part of a wider social and political context.



Part I: Critical Overviews
1.Introducing Critical Psychology: Values, Assumptions and the Status Quo
Isaac Prilleltensky & Dennis Fox
2. Repoliticizing the History of Psychology
Benjamin Harris
3.Qualitative Inquiry in Psychology: A Radical Tradition
Louise H. Kidder & Michelle Fine
4.Ethics in Psychology: Cui Bono?
Laura S. Brown
5.Understanding and Practicing Critical Psychology
David Nightingale & Tor Neilands
Part II: Critical Arenas
6.Theories of Personality: Ideology and Beyond
Tod Sloan
7.Abnormal and Clinical Psychology: The Politics of Madness
Rachel T. Hare-Mustin & Jeanne Marecek
8.A Critical Look at Intelligence Research
Zack Z. Cernovsky
9. Developmental Psychology and its Discontents
Erica Burman
10.Social Psychology: The Crisis Continues
S. Mark Pancer
11.Community Psychology: Reclaiming Social Justice
Isaac Prilleltensky & Geoffrey Nelson
12.Cross Cultural Psychology: The Frustrated Gadfly's Promises, Potentialities and Failures
Fathali M. Moghaddam & Charles Studer
13. Lesbian and Gay Psychology: A Critical Analysis
Celia Kitzinger
14.Psychology and Law: Justice Diverted
Dennis Fox
15.Political Psychology: A Critical Perspective
Maritza Montero
Part III: Critical Theories
16.Feminist Psychology
Sue Wilkinson
17.Critical Theory, Postmodernism, and Hermeneutics: Insights for Critical Psychology
Frank C. Richardson & Blaine J. Fowers
18. Discursive Psychology
Ian Parker
Part IV: Critical Reflections
19.A Critical Look at Critical Psychology: Elaborating the Questions
Julian Rappaport & Eric Stewart