Decostructing Social Psychology

Ian Parker, John Shotter (a cura di)

Decostructing Social Psychology - Ian Parker, John Shotter

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Routledge, London

This book follows in the wake of Reconstructing Social Psychology (Armistead 1974) - an influential collection of papers published more than a decade and a half ago which was critical of the theories and assumptions in the discipline. Then, social psychology appeared to be in the middle of a resolvable crisis. Now we realise the problems were more deeply rooted. For the crisis is not to be found just in the theories and assumptions of social psychology, but in a whole set of ‘crises’ to do with the very character of the conduct of western intellectual life. They are implicit in the practices and institutions within which not only social psychological knowledge, but all our knowledge, is produced. It is these practices which must be criticised and changed if these crises are to be resolved. We need to press forward the critical dynamic which Reconstructing Social Psychology encouraged, and to draw upon contemporary theoretical debates to unravel the ways in which the very nature of our knowledge-producing practices and institutions entrap us, and lead us into simply reproducing unchanged what in fact we thought we were reconstructing.


Title Page
Introduction: Parker and Shotter

Part I: Texts and Rhetoric
1. Prefacing: Stringer
2. Crisis?: Squire
3. Rhetoric: Billig
4. Pseudoscience: Kitzinger
5. Communication: Easthope

Part II: Power and Science
6. Representation: Parker
7. 'Social Science': Rose
8. Social Control: Sampson
9. Star Wars: Bowers
10. Power: Bhavnani

Part III: Subjectivity and Individuality
11. Individuality: Shotter
12. Intergroup: Michael
13. Psychotherapy: Pilgrim
14. Therapy: Sayers
15. Differing: Burman



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