The Emotions. Social, Cultural and Biological Dimensions

Rom Harré

The Emotions. Social, Cultural and Biological Dimensions - Rom Harré

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Sage, London


A theoretical synthesis by leading scholars in the field, The Emotions overviews the psychology of emotion in the broadest sense by tracing historical, social, cultural, and biological themes. The contributors explore the discursive nature of emotions, variations in and diversity of emotions across cultures, and the influence of emotions on culturally maintained patterns of emotion in their analyses. A selection of intriguing chapters reveals how emotions emerge in different societies, across gender lines, in different historical periods, and between children and adults, while others delve into the internal patterns of emotions within individuals that shape the expression of judgments about, attitudes toward, and regret for one's own actions or the actions of others. In addition, special vignettes peppered throughout the volume add engaging perspectives of the theories in action. Interdisciplinary and hitting on a topic of increasing interest to researchers, The Emotions presents a broad-ranging collection of inquiry vital to both students and scholars in social psychology, developmental psychology, cross-cultural psychology, and cognitive anthropology.