Experience and nature

John Dewey

Experience and nature - John Dewey

pagine 388

1925, 1929

Open Court, Chicago & London, Norton, New York.

1925. Mr. Dewey believes that the method of empirical naturalism presented in this volume provides the way, and the only way by which one can freely accept the standpoint and conclusions of modern science. Contents: experience and philosophic method; existence as precarious and as stable; nature, ends and histories; nature, means and knowledge; nature, communication and as meaning; nature, mind, and the subject; nature, life and body-mind; existence, ideas and consciousness; experience, nature and art; existence value and criticism




Experience and Philosophic Method

Existence as Precarious and as Stable

Nature, Ends and Histories

Nature, Means and Knowledge

Nature, Communication and Meaning

Nature, Mind and the Subject

Nature, Life and Body-Mind

Existence, Ideas and Consciousness

Experience, Nature and Art

Experience, Value and Criticism


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