One Thousand Years of Philosophy

Rom Harré

One Thousand Years of Philosophy - Rom Harré

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Blackwell, Oxford


Uniquely comparative and sweeping in scope, One Thousand Years of Philosophy covers the history of Western thought alongside the Vedic philosophies of India, Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism, as well as Islamic and Jewish contributions to philosophy.


"Harre's work must rank as one of the most unique historical sources available: it provides an account of how particular philosophers and their works fit into the far broader context of a millennium's worth of thought without regard to hemisphere." Times Higher Education Supplement

"He engages readers with a clear style, periodic conclusions, and predictions of dominant philosophical themes in the future. Helpful aids include an events time line, historical chart, notes, bibliography, and index." D.A. Haney, Marywood University, Choice, June 2001

"A millennium of deep thought compressed in an utterly accessible volume. Rom Harré; serves the interested reader well in this carefully, systematically organized work. This is a book that invites the earnest reader to join the Long Debate and to recognize its vital importantce." -- Daniel N. Robinson, Georgetown University



Events Timeline.
Historical Chart.
Introduction: The Scope of Philosophy.
Part I: Philosophy in the East.
Part II: Philosophy In The West: Medieval Philosophy.
Part III: Philosophy In The West: Modern Philosophy One: Mind And Cosmos.
Part IV: Philosophy in the West: Modern Philosophy Two; Persons and Their Relations.