Physical Being: a theory for a corporal psychology

Rom Harré

Physical Being: a theory for a corporal psychology - Rom Harré

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Blackwell, Oxford


Body care has never before been so much a focus of public interest, nor have the ways we classify people by reference to their kind of body excited such political passions. This study is an attempt to build a comprehensive account of the roles our bodies play in our lives. Through a series of discussions Rome harre concludes that the roles the body plays in our lives are determined less by organic functioning than by cultural conventions and social meanings.


"A masterly guided tour. Harre surveys a wonderful range of attitudes and aspects of experience, from hysteria to embarrassment, from earnest body-building to corporal punishment, from Kretschmerian body-types to sexual differences."
Times Literary Supplement

"An intriguing and useful set of analyses"
Contemporary Psychology



Part I: Metaphysics.1. Embodiment.

2. Body Kinds I: Categories and Characters.

3. Body Kinds II: Shapes and Temperaments.

4. The Experience of Embodiment I: Parts and States.

5. The Experience of Embodiment II: Feelings.

Part II: Evaluations.

6. Bodily Rights and Obligations.

7. Emotions of the Body.

8. Disease into Illness.

9. Body Cultivation.

10. The Body as a Locus of Social Control.

Part III: Meanings.

11. Corporeal Semantics.

12. Anthropographie.