Sex and society: Studies in the social psychology of sex

William I. Thomas

Sex and society - William I Thomas

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University of Chicago Press, Chicago, Ill.

These studies have been published in various journals at different times. They are reprinted together because there is some demand for them, and thcy are not easily accessible. In prepar-ing them for publication in the present form, some of them have been expandcd and ali of them have been revised.
While each study is complete in itself, the general thesis running through ali of them is the sanie that the differcnces in bodily habìt between men and women, particularly the greater strength, restlessness, and motor aptì-tude of man, and the more stationary condition of woman, have had an important influence on social forms and activities, and on the character and mind of the two sexes.
"Organic Differences in the Sexes" appeared in the American Journal of Sociology, III, 31 ff., with the title, "On a Diffcrence in the Metab­olismi of the Sexes;" "Sex and Primitive Social Control," ibid., Ili, 754 ff.; "Sex and Primitive Industry," ibid., IV, 474 ff.; "Sex and Primi­tive Morality," ibid., IV, 774ff.; "The Psy-chology of Modesty and Clothing," ibid., V, 246 ff-; "The Adventitious Character of Wom-an," ibid., XII, 32 ff.; "The Mind of Woman and theLowerRaces," iWrf.,XII, 435 ff.; "The Psychology of Exogamy," in the Zeitschrift jur Socialwissenschajt, V, 1 ff., with the title, "Der Ursprung der Exogamie;" "Sex and Socia] Feeling," in the Psychologkal Review, XI, 61 ff., with the title, "The Sexual Elcment in Sensi-bility." Portions of a paper printed in the Forum, XXXVI, 305 ff., with the title, "Is the Human Brain Stationary?" are incorporated in the paper on "The Mind of Woman and the Lower Races," and portions of a paper printed in Ùit American Journal oj Sociology, IX, 593 ff-, with the title, "The Psychology of Race-Preju-dice," are incorporated in the paper on "Sex and Social Feeling." I acknowledge the cour-tesy of the editors of these journals for permis-sion to reprint.

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Organic Differences in the Sexes
Sex and Primitive Social Control
Sex and Social Feeling
Sex and Primitive Industry
Sex and Primitive Mokality
The Psychology of Exogamy
The Psychology of Modesty and Clothing 
The Adventitious Character of Woman
The Mino of Woman and the Lower Races