Studies in ethnomethodology

Harold Garfinkel

Studies in ethnomethodology - Harold Garfinkel

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Studies in Ethnomethodology has inspired a wide range of important theoretical and empirical work in the social sciences and linguistics. It is one of the most original and controversial works in modern social science and it remains at the centre of debate about the current trends and tasks of sociology and social theory. Ethnomethodology - the study of the ways in which ordinary people construct a stable social world through everyday utterances and actions - is now a major component of all sociology and linguistics courses. Garfinkel's formidable reputation as one of the worlds leading sociologists rest largely on the work contained in this book.



1. What is ethnomethodology?

2. Studies of the routine grounds of everyday activities

3. Common sense knowledge of social strucutres: the documentary method of interpretation in lay and professional fact finding

4. Some rules of correct decision that jurors respect

5. Passing and the managed achievement of sex status in an intersexed person, part 1

6. "Good organizational reasons for 'bad' clinical records"

7. Methodological adeguancy in the quantitative study of selection criteria and selection practices in psychiatric outpatient clinics

8. The rational properties of scientific and common sense activities

Appendix to chapter 5


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