William James, precursor of postmodern human sciences

Scienze Postmoderne

Stat rosa pristina nomine, nomina nuda tenemus


Human Sciences rise from their ashes

The Italian Association of Interactive-Constructivist Psychology and Sociology aims at the construction of a
space where psychologists, sociologists and experts of human sciences can promote a renewal of their own
subjects, with relation to the new and different requests of the social world.

The assumption of a postmodern perspective for the construction of those interventions refers to a
pragmatic choice rather then to an ideological one. The reasons for this preference are not identified in
the belief of the existence of the "real" principles that organize the human nature; instead the pragmatic
choice is based on the conviction that the operative practices, derived from postmodern premises, are the
most appropriate to generate processes of change within the contemporary societies.

The Association embraces a position built on atheoretical pluralism and a pragmatic knowledge,
founding its own predicate of reality not based on objective characteristics, but on demands of cognitive

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